Why does my face get as red as a stop sign when I run/work out.? Is there anything I can do to help this?

Red face. Some people's face gets red from getting hot, or from having highly spiced foods, or from drinking beer and wine, and some of these people have rosacea, a common skin condition of unknown cause. Rosacea also causes red cheeks, with small veins and sometimes, a bumpy nose and irritated eye lids and styes. It may run in families, and can be treated with creams and pills. Visit your dermatologist.
Vasodilation. Your face gets red because when you are building up heat inside your body. This causes your blood vessels to dilate to bring blood out near the surface to cool off. It's great that you are getting exercise, and it's a sign that you are exercising hard enough to get your heart rate up and do some good. If you are also feeling nauseated, overly fatigued or short of breath, you need to get checked.