What do you think about the medicine called fertility blend?

Not my approach. I recommend you review your concerns with your gynecologist or fertility specialist. Fertility blend sounds like a combination of fancy herbs and vitamins. I checked out a "review" on the company web site and was not impressed. Individual testimonies are not the way to make such important decisions as how to address infertility problems. Fertility improves with happiness, nutrition and rest.
Cant really. The problem with supplements is that the fda doesn't regulate exactly what is put into them, so even if the ingredients sound good, there is no way to verify if they have what they say, in the amounts they say. Talk with your fertility doctor what they feel is appropriate to take.
More helpful in men. The female vitamin supplements are probably no better than just taking a prenatal vitamin or multivitamin. These contain Folic Acid and all women trying to get pregnant should be on folic acid. However, some of the vitamins developed for men may help men with sperm issues, and there is some research to back this up.
Agree and. Vitamins and herbal supplements all sound great. When you are getting ready to get pregnant you should take prenatal vitamins. These vitamins are regulated by the fda and you can be confident that thy contain what the label says it contains. Over the counter and internet supplements contain only what the seller says they contain. There is no third party verification. All my patients take pnv.
Herbal. It seems to be a blend of herbal and antioxidant ingredients which has been said to improve male and female reproductive health.