Is it normal to have a clearish white fluid come out of your nipple when u squeeze it or is this a very early sign of pregnancy?

Can be normal. It depends on your age. The first thing to do id to stop manipulating the breast. Breast discharge is not usually a sign of pregnancy. It can depend on what medications you are taking. See your doctor for an examination.
Keep track. Agree with my colleagues on this question. One additional point to add is if your period all of a sudden becomes irregular or absent. See your physician for a blood test (pregnancy and prolactin level).
Normal any time. Most women can express a small amount of clear or white fluid from the nipples, with enough pressue. The breast contains an extensive network of ducts, all of which produce small quantities of fluid. That is the fluid that is occasional seen spontaneously or with presure on the breast or nipple. A clear or white discharge is very rarely a sign of real problems.
Lactation. Production of milk from the breasts is abnormal if not associated with pregnancy or breastfeeding. It is unusual to see leakage of milk in the first trimester, but it can occur. You should see your gyn for more evaluation, which would include bloodwork. Also, some medications can cause milk to leak from the breasts. Bloody nipple discharge can be a sign of cancer and needs to be eval'd asap.