Which are the normal blood levels labs for celiac disease?

Restate the question. There are no normal blood levels for celiac disease. Some lab tests are abnormal in patients with celiac disease, e.g., antibodies to tissue transglutaminase.
Depends. Each lab has its own reference range for out of range celiac panels. I would refer to those that come along with the lab report. However, you don't have to have positive tests to be gluten-sensitive. Why not just cut gluten out of the diet for 8 weeks and keep a journal? This is cheaper. If you do go gluten-free, make sure you "play all out' and not cheat. Otherwise, no sense in self-torture.

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What are the tests for celiac disease? Blood?

Anti-tTG first. In suspected celiac disease / gluten enteropathy / sprue, the cheap screening test is the anti-ttg (tissue transglutiminase); followup may include the more costly IgA anti-endomysial antibdies (ema), biopsy of the gut, and/or a trial of a gluten-free diet. No one knows how common celiac disease really is; what matters is whether gluten elimination ultimately helps you. Read more...

Celiac disease blood testing involves what tests usually?

TTG IgA , others . Arguably the most accurate is the ttg IgA level. In those who are IgA deficient, i believe a dpg igg is the best. Others include anti-endomysial antibodies. The gold standard is duodenal biopsies obtained during endoscopy. Read more...