How does the effectiveness of the antihistamine nose sprays compare with the steroid nose sprays for an adult with springtime allergies?

Both help. Both methods of treatment can be effective. Results vary from one individual to another. In general, steroid sprays might be considered more effective, but some individuals may not tolerate them due to nosebleeds or other effects and may respond better to the antihistamine sprays. Treatment should be individualized.
They are different. The steroid sprays work differently than the anithistamine (ah) nasal sprays. The ah sprays have more of an immediate effect, whereas may take a few weeks to get relief with steroid sprays, but have longer effect and need to be used regularly. Ah sprays can be used as needed.

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How does the safety of the antihistamine nose sprays compare with the steroid sprays for an adult with springtime allergies using sprays for 3 months?

Safe. Both are safe. They work a little differently, but both should help you. Read more...
Specific to each one. Both kinds of nasal sprays contain medications designed to work in the nose with little absorption into the rest of the body. It is somewhat unfair to compare their side effects, because they have different purpose. Antihistamines stop the action of histamine, preventing swelling and production of secretions. Steroids major role is to reduce swelling (inflammation) once it has developed. Read more...