If told am clinically depressed but don't want to take antidepressants, is there something else I can do to increase dopamine & serotonin?

Yes. Exercise, good nutrition, fish oil supplements [omega fatty acids], and s-adenosyl methionine supplements [sam] are all natural ways that can help mild to moderate depression. Psychotherapy is also affect for depression, and a discussion with a mental health professional can help guide you in this direction. Hope this answer helps.
Serotonin/ Dopamine. Assuming you want natural approaches. Check these sites out-( look at info not the products) dopamine-http://tinyurl.Com/3k83ro serotonin-http://tinyurl.Com/29svdlc summary-http://tinyurl.Com/6tont7c hope this helps.Remember to look at the info..Not necessarily the stuff they are selling.