Should I have nose reconstruction after mohs surgery done by the moh's surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon?

ENT or plastics. A moh's surgeon is a dermatologist and they specialize in only moh's surgery. An ENT or plastic surgeon is your best bet for reconstructive cosmetic surgery. Good luck.
Size of defect. It really depends on the size of the defect. If small (under 1cm) , i would advise staying with the dermatologist unless a cartilage graft is required. For larger wounds, i would ask and assess the derm's comfort level nd skills with wound closure.
Nasal reconstruction. After a cancer excision can get very tricky, especially if the area involved is sizeable. You may want to seek out the assistance of an expert plastic surgeon or ent.
Fellowship trained. Many mohs surgeons also have advanced specialty training in reconstructive and facial cosmetic surgery. But check to make sure they are fellowship trained and members of the american college of mohs surgery http://www.Mohscollege.Org/ for more complicated repairs, the mohs surgeon may recommend referral to a plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon after first clearing the cancer.