After wisdom tooth has been pulled I have a little bone that keeps growing back through the gum can this cause nerve pain? Dentist said its normal

Bone Spur/Fragment. Sometimes interseptal bone (bone that sits between the roots of multi-rooted teeth) can lose vitality after an extraction & then want to dislodge & migrate out from the extraction site. Additionally, sometimes crestal bone around the neck of a tooth can become more acutely angled & feel sharp post extraction due to deformation of the socket during removal. Return to oral surgeon to check site.
Return to doctor. These are called spicules-should be removed-easy procedure.
Sequestrum. Many times little bone splinters off ad works itself out after an extraction. Often times this happens on the inside if the jaw line after a lower wisdom tooth extraction. This is because the gum is thin over a thick bulky ledge of bone. Sometimes you'll have to return for this to be removed or smoothed. Generally it heals on its own.