Does the doctor need to do to tests to be sure if the diagnosis is dengue fever?

To be sure-yes. Dengue is common in the tropics. Symptoms can range from mild flu like illness to severe muscle aches, fever, headache, and fatigue. Rarely, it can progress on to internal oozing. Typically a blood count and dengue antibodies are ordered. However, people who see this disease often, sometimes just need to do an accurate history (interview) and physical exam. Prevent with daytime insect repellent.
YES!!! Low white count, IV fluids, supportive care and take precautions about mosquitoes in the future. Prevention is key.

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Can dengue fever affects the menstrual cycle? I'm (-) ing pregnacy test. 2wks delayed,

Maybe. A doctor can check to see if there is any worrisome medical issue, if a woman has mild menstrual-related symptoms. Many women have some variation of their periods or a missed period on occasion (especially after getting a symptomatic illness like dengue). Some women are back to normal very soon, but others do have bothersome menstrual symptoms that persist or recur and need to see their doctors. Read more...

Diferential diagnosis between dengue fever and malaria.

Fever. If you are trying to differentiate dengue fever and malaria, check the fever. If it is periodic (comes an goes) especially if it comes every 12, 24 36 or 72 hours and lasts for a couple hours then resolves, it is probably malaria. If the fever comes and stays for a couple days then it is more likely dengue. Read more...

I am not sure about the cause of hepatomegaly in dengue fever, I would like you describe more, please! Thank too much?

Hepatomegaly. Hepatic dysfunction is a well recognized feature of dengue infections, often demonstrated by hepatomegaly and mild-to-moderate increases in transaminase levels although jaundice and acute liver failure are generally uncommon. Debate continues as to whether dengue associated hepatic dysfunction indicates a direct viral effect, arises secondary to an aggressive host immune response to the virus, or reflects a complex interaction of these two mechanisms. Read more...