What symptoms typically go along with coronary artery disease?

Chest pain. Coronary artery disease will generally cause chest pain, often described as pressure or felling like someone is standing on your chest. The pain or pressure may radiate down the left arm or give you feeling of numbness. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, increase fatigue, or symptoms often attributed to GI upset, like nausea or reflux.
Multiple. From the classic chest pressure going up to the jaw and left arm, to shortness of breath on exertion, to just simple fatigue. Many factors play a role. Your doctor should be able to rule this one out for you with fairly simple tests. A good, detailed history of symptoms and examination is the best way to start the process. Don't delay.
Chest discomfort. Coronary artery disease often results in chest pain or discomfort, sometimes pain in arms, neck, upper abdomen, and shortness of breath. Sometimes no symptom.