Silicone breast implants can couse breast cancer?

No but..... There is no direct link but there are concerns with the potential for implants to interfere with the detection of cancer. Particularly using mammograms. Special views (eklund) must be obtained. Alhtough there may be a delay in diagnosis, there has not been shown to be any effect on survival. With mri, surveillance is improved and may supplant mammography. As stated, alcl may be increased but rare.
No. Breast implants do not cause breast cancer. There is a very small association between breast implant with certain type of lymphoma ( anaplastic large cell lymphoma ), however.
No. Folks were worried years ago about the Oppenheimer effect. It does not apply to Breast Implants. In fact, women with breast implants have a lower rate of breast cancer. Please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. You will get your questions answered.
Silicone implants. I am not aware of any studies that show that silicone (or saline) implants cause cancer.
No. Large studies show that groups of women matched for age with and without breast implants present with the same types and size of breast cancer. So breast cancer is not caused by breast implants, and breast implants do not delay the diagnosis of breast cancer.
No. There is no evidence that implants of any type, whether saline or silicone, cause breast cancer, although a recent study suggested that implants might make it more difficult to find early cancers.
There is no evidence. That breast implants cause cancer. There is even a study which shows slightly lower risks in implanted women.
No. The studies of many thousands of women with silicone implants did not find that they cause cancer. There is a type of lymphoma which was found to be slightly more common in women with silicone implants, but the chances of developing it are truly minuscule. The fda has classified silicone breast implant as safe devices.