What causes addiction to buying lottery tickets?

Gambler's fallacy. The "gambler's fallacy" is the belief that "this time i'll win it big." for some folks, this is an irresistable urge that drives them to spend all of their money, whether it be on lotto tickets, at the craps table, slot machines or on sporting events. Groups like celebrate recovery and gambler's anonymous are very important to overcoming this. If this is you, seek help and support today.
Psychological +bio. Dr. Nguyen's explains well regarding the psychological underpinning of gambling addiction. In addition, such an addiction often begins as a way to avoid positively coping with certain stresses in life. Finally, like all addictions, this one also works biologically by stimulating the reward circuit in the brain.
Random reinforcement. Unrealistic expectations that one will win. The odds are very much stacked against those who "invest" in this manner. The widely publicized sensation around those that win can entice many. Gambler's logic is that, "if I have not won so far I am certainly due to win now." underlying impulse control disorders, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, and substance abuse not infrequently comorbid.
Addiction. Addiction to lottery tickets generally satisfies an impulsive personalities need for a quick high. All the time spent thinking about winning temporarily lifts a person;s mood and provides a fantasy to provide superficial meaning to life. Best.