Are there home remedies for delayed sleep phase?

Sleep restriction. Sleep restriction therapy - you figure out how many hours you're actually sleeping, then limit your window of sleep time to that amount. Gradually, as you sleep for that whole time you lengthen it. It is hard because you will be tired for days/week as you implement it. It is hard to explain in detail in such a short field but many therapists and books can help with this. It works well though!

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What are home remedies for delayed sleep phase syndrome?

Be careful. Treating delayed sleep phase disorder can be difficult to treat because it can require using light therapy. However, getting light at the wrong time can worsen the problem. Some people have used melatonin before bedtime. Unfortunately, melatonin is an herbal supplement and not regulated. So you may get too little or too much in the formulation. Would talk to a specialist if becoming a problem. Read more...