What are the consequences of having cauliflower ear?

Ugly Ears. The ear becomes misshapen due to trauma. If you leave it that way....It sticks. See your ENT or facial plastic surgeon asap if you suspect you have cauliflower ear. It can be treated in the office usually. It is much easier to treat in the acute setting then after the fact.
It looks abnormal. If, on the other hand, it's an infection the cartilages can be destroyed leading ultimately to shrinkage and worse deformity.
Appearances, chiefly. "cauliflower ear" refers to overgrowth of cartilage in an ear which has suffered trauma or pressure, often seen in wrestlers and boxers. A blow to the ear or forced folding of the ear for a period of time (as in a wrestling hold) causes bleeding under the top layer of the cartilage. This blood, if not promptly drained, is converted to cartilage and distorts its appearance. Hearing is unaffected.
Ear deformity. This is an ear deformity caused by trauma. Blood accumulates around the cartilage of ear and blunts the folds. This blood, if left undrained, will scar the ear with permanent swollen appearance of the ear. It typically has no other symptoms.
Unsightly appearance. Repeated injury to an ear can produce the so called cauliflower ear deformity that be undesireable in appearance. Early treatment to minimize the deformity and avoidance of repeated trauma are the best methods to prevent the condition.