What happens to my child as a result of bronchitis?

Cough plus. When kids have bronchitis it is usually due to a virus causing mucus and swelling in the airways of the lungs. They wheeze and cough. While often people are treated with antibiotics, usually they are not necessary because viruses don't respond to antibiotics. Sometimes kids will respond to inhalers (like for asthma). If they get recurrent bronchitis, i suspect they have asthma. Smoke can worsen.
Rattly cough. With bronchitis there is usually a productive cough, and coughing spasms. Sometimes children gag or even vomit. Often they don't appear ill, and usually don't have fever. Cough can last for weeks, and is contagious. The whole family may have a cough at the same time. There is medication for it. I usually give a bronchodilator and azithromycin.