When I was growing up, we just worried about cuts and scrapes. Now it seems my grandkids have friends with all sorts of conditions. Latest one is chronic bronchitis. I've never heard of that.?

Reduce Risk Factors. Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchi in the lungs. A prolonged cold with coughing, asthma or cigarette smoke are risk factors. If there is a chronic lung weakness then these infections can become chronic. Antibiotics may be needed, expectorant and inhaler. Prevention would focus on reducing risk factors and strengthening the immune system.
Chronic bronchitis. ...In kids? Probably asthma. In adults it's a very common condition almost always from cigarettes. Parents of my generation (i'm 48) find new and bizarre things to worry about, usually by reading "authoritative" junk on the internet. My son has a nut allergy, almost died from it, but other parents actually fake these conditions, making it harder for kids with real problems to be taken seriously.