Do natural remedies for chronic bronchitis work?

No evidence for this. It is thought that antioxidant vitamins might prevent disease progression. However, controlled clinical trials are needed prior to their being recommended for the routine management of patients with stable copd. Regarding high-caloric dietary supplements and appetite stimulants for malnutrition in severe copd, there is no evidence supporting long-term benefit.

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I was prescribed benzonatate just after a breathing treatment for copd chronic bronchitis. Is this safe for me?

RAD V COPD. YES IT IS: COPD TX has many layers :LONG ACTING INHALERS/SHORT ACTING INHALERS/benzoate/SINGULAIR. COPD is unusual in an non smoker under 50. Make sure they evaluate you for alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency /pulmonary hypertension/pulmonary fibrosis/sarcoidosis . You need a full exam labs CT of chest . PFTS with DLCO AND POTENTIALLY lung bronchoscopy with biopsy. By pulmonary consult. Read more...