Currently, I'm on labetalol for high blood pressure. The side effects are making me miserable. Is there anything else I can take while breastfeeding?

Yes. Talk to your doctor, other options, depending on why your doctor picked that specific medication, include verapamil, methyldopa, nifidipine, and metoprolol. Here is a list of meds safe while breastfeeding hope this helps http://www. Drugs. Com/drug-safety-breastfeeding. Html.

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Can someone who has been using Atenolol for high blood pressure switch to Labetalol abruptly?

Yes. You can make the switch abruptly but must only do so on the advice of your physician. Your doctor will be able to choose the appropriate dose of labetalol to switch to based on your current atenolol dose and BP control and needs. Good luck!!

Can I take a baby aspirin everyday? 18 years old and have high blood pressure. Benefits and side effects?

Y would U want to? Baby Aspirin helps prevent clots (thus heart attacks and ischemic (clot-related) type strokes. Unfortunately, by the same token, it increases with risk of bleeding including hemorrhagic (bleeding-type) strokes. No study I'm familiar with has shown benefit for Aspirin for anyone under the age of 50. Even 40 year old men showed no benefit for primary prevention. (people without disease).

Can you explain why Metoprolol for high blood pressure is worth the side effects?

Co- morbidities. In a young, healthy and perhaps active 19 year old, beta blocker would not be my 1st choice antihypertensive. It can make one feel "held back" when exercising for eg. Having said that, if one also has palpitations, then good option. While ACC guide diuretic as first line, that too can be annoyance. An Ace inhibitor would be first choice after lifestyle changes failed. Medicine last resort.

What other meds are there for high blood pressure without the side effects of Lisinopril?

Antihypertensive. There are multiple classes of effective agents, unfortunately all medicines have side effects. If you work diligently with your care provider you should be able to arrive at a tolerable and effective regimen.

Of the high blood pressure medicines diovan, (valsartan) Benicar or avapro, which has the least side effects?

All pretty low. These are all angiotensin receptor blockers, a class of medications with particularly low incidences of adverse effects. They have some variability in efficacy. Follow kidney function, potassium levels and blood pressure.