What are early signs and symptoms of lupus?

some suggestions. These are some but not all findings 1. Malar rash: 2. Discoid (skin) rash: 3. Photosensitivity: 4. Mouth or nose ulcers: 5. Arthritis 6. Cardio-pulmonary involvement: 7. Neurologic disorder: 8. Renal (kidney) disorder 9. Hematologic (blood) disorder 10. Immunologic disorder: antibodies to double stranded dna, antibodies to sm, or antibodies to cardiolipin 11. Antinuclear antibodies (ana):.
Many common symptoms. Comprehensive evaluation is essential since systemic lupus can present slowly with a very wide array of signs and symptoms depending on how active it is and what organ systems are affected.Inflammatory labs such as ESR should be elevated in active lupus but not specific to lupus. Facial rash (malar) common but many people don't have rash.A full work-up is often necessary to clearly diagnose lupus.