Is 173 a high blood sugar reading?

High glucose. Is this glu fasting? Your glu after a meal varies with what you ate, the speed of your GI tract, etc. It is hard to precisely say whether a post meal glu is too high. If you are testing your sugars because you are worried about diabetes, best to check fasting and also follow your a1c. Normal fasting glu is 100 or less. Diabetes is 126 or more. "impaired" is in between.

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For what reasons might I get a high blood sugar reading after exercise?

Various reasons. Your glucose may be high all the time, including after exercise. Alternatively, it may drop during exercise as you burn up calories, and then your body will raise your blood sugar to respond to the drop. You just happened to check after the increase. You're still burning up the calories; that's where your body gets the raw materials to generate more glucose. Read more...