With cancer what are my treatment options?

Depends. It depends on the type of cancer, the organ affected, the stage of disease etc. It is important to seek care as early as possible so that it may be treated before it spread to other parts of the body.
Real science. When i was a kid, we cured 2 out of 6 cancers (not counting minor skin cancers); the rest were fatal. When i was in med school, 3 out of 6. Now, it's 4 out of 6. A heads-up -- if you are asking this question on the internet, you will be approached charlatans. Evidence-based cancer rx is unpleasant and costly but the odds that are presented to you are truthful. Be careful, and good luck.
Depends. It will depend on the type of cancer, the stage, the prognostic factors, how good patient's condition in general ; other underlying disorders etc. However, in general, 3 modalities are used in treating cancers- surgery, chemotherapy/or other biological or targeted therapy, and radiation therapy. Nowadays, cancer treatment is more personalized/individualized. One treatment does not fit all.