I've got adult acute leukemia. Now what?

Treatment. There are mainly 2 types of acute leukemia. Myeloid and lymphoid. Treatment depends on certain features on bone marrow. That can categorize you in low, intermediate or high risk. In general induction chemotherapy followed by consolidation chemo can put patients in remission.
See below... Many types of leukemia are treatable and go into remission and even complete cure. Once a diagnosis of leukemia is established, the treatment and the overall management of the disease should be directed by a hematologist/oncologist.
Acute leukemia. There are many types of adult acute leukemia. There are some tests have to be done to calculate prognosis also to guide therapy. In general , acute leukemia is treated with combination of chemotherapy plus minus bone marrow transplantation if indicated. You need to see an oncologist and discuss everything in detail . Check www.Nccn.Com for patient resource info.
Assemble a good team. What type of leukemia you have will guide your therapy. In adults the chronic, slow growing lymphoid or myeloid leukemias are common, as are the very rapid myeloid acute leukemias. Thus, your therapy and benefit/risk can't be answered well here. In all cases though, i'd rec a focus on good exercise, balanced nutrition, and ensure you have a good medical team and home support to guide you through.

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What's a simple way to say what adult acute leukemia really is?

Blood cancer. Leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells. The primary disorder is in the bone marrow. Leukemia usually causes high white blood cells count with immature cells in the blood, anemia, bleeding, infections and can lead to rapid death. Read more...
White cell overload. In leukemia, the white cells from the marrow are malignantly overproduced. The cells that produce them push the red cells and platlets out of the way and the white cells are poorly functional so you are susceptible to infection. This is an acute type of cancer that needs immediate attention from your hematologic/oncologic specialist. Read more...
Form of blood cancer. Leukemia is a form of blood cancer. There are many different types and some of them are acute (fast evolving, more aggressive) and some are chronic (with slower evolution and usually less aggressive). Some of them occur in children and some in adults. There is actually a type called "adult t-cell leukemia" that has an acute variant but i'm not sure if you're talking about this particular subtype. Read more...