What symptoms does someone with ankle sprain always have?

None. They vary among patients depending on onset of injury, severity, etc. Most commonly, swelling and pinpoint pain over the ligament is seen.
None if better. If the ankle injury is fully healed, there may be no symptoms. If the injury still has not fully resolve, the patient may have symptoms such as pain, swelling, and instability sometimes an ankle brace may be helpful to curtail symptoms.

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What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain or break?

Mechanism of injury. can be similar in each; abnormal force through ankle joint causing pain, swelling, tenderness and pain on walking. To treat a sprain consider the acronyms PRICE and HARM http://patient.info/health/ankle-injuries-leaflet. To tell whether an injured ankle is likely to need XRAY (to exclude fracture) most Dr's use the OTTAWA score http://www.mdcalc.com/ottawa-ankle-rule/ Have a look at both of these. Read more...

What are the symptoms of peroneal nerve compressed? Can it occur from ankle sprain? Fibula possibly moved and pinched nerve.

Nerve impingement. Unlikely, that the fibular bone moved to pinch a nerve. The peroneal nerve (superficial peroneal nerve) is located in the skin and can be impinged through swelling resulting from an ankle sprain. The bone, ligaments, muscle, tendons are deeper than the skin, but the swelling associated with injury can cause shooting pain, burning, tingling, and numbness. Hope this helps. Read more...