My lady friend has bunions. She was too embarassed to tell me any more. Can you explain it to me please?

Deformity. Bunions are deformities of the feet where there is a boney enlargmrnt at the 1st metatarsal head, the bon jusy befor the big toe. Often the big toe will turn inward towards the 2nd toe or cross on top or under the second toe.
Structural deformity. Bunions are common foot deformities. They present as a bone prominence at the base of the big toe. These deformities are usually aggravated by shoe gear. Surgical treatment is necessary to correct the deformity. You can visit: foothealthfacts.Org and find a more detailed explanation. Dr l.
1. A bunion is deformity of the foot where the great toe joint starts to point toward the 2nd toe. Along with this there becomes a bony prominence to the side of the great toe joint. This is due to the deviation of the 1st metatarsal bone where the top of the bone (head) pushs out of the joint. Tendons become unbalanced and the deformity only worsens over time. Surgery is usually needed to correct it.
Bunion. Bunions are where the big toe drift over the smaller toes. This causes pain, difficulty in finding shoes, and hammering and clawing of the smaller toes. Over time, the pain can become debilitating.