Blood clot was removed with the gauze pad after tooth extraction. What to do if I have no gauze pads available?

Tea bags. If the socket is still bleeding, you can moisten a tea bag and use it like gauze. If it is not bleeding, you don't need to do anything.
Clot removed. Don't replace the gauze. Keep your mouth clean, stay hydrated and allow it to heal. A little blood mixed in with saliva is normal.

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I stopped using gauze only ten minutes after a wisdoms tooth extraction. Will a blood clot still form? Or will I get dry socket?

Dry Socket. Blood clot will most likely form. The gauze does not prevent the clot from falling out. Avoid gargling and rinsing aggressively for a few days and you will probably be fine. Any problems please call your surgeon. Read more...
No relation. Normal bleeding time is 6 minutes, after which the clot should be formed, follow by ingrowth of granuloma tissue . Dry socket is caused by infection occurs which lead to losing a clot. Dry socket if occurred, starts in day 3. Read more...