Can vitamin b-12-help heal damaged nerves?

Sometimes. If you have pernicious anemia, b-12 injections can reverse much of the nerve issues. If you have diabetic neuropathy, a medical food, metanx which contains b-12, folate, (folic acid) and b-6 in biologically active form can help regrow small nerve fibres. But otherwise, not sure supplements are going to make much difference.

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Is 2000 mcg of vitamin b-12 too much? Can it cause nerve problems or tingling in the arms?

Comments. First question involves whether you need to supplement B-12, especially at your age. A blood test could objectify deficiency. If you truly did have pernicious anemia, would treat with 1000 mcg injection monthly. Suggest you contact your physician and discuss use of your B-12. Read more...