Love indian culture and yoga. Can I ask an indian doctor at a us hospital to use some treatments from there to heal me of carsickness?

No. Please disregard the previous message. Nausea is a normal reaction to some types of motion. Some people are more prone to it than others. Medications like Meclizine or scopolamine can be helpful. If "motion sickness" occurs at rest, that is not normal. It signifies an imbalance in the inertial guidance systems in your inner ears. If so, you should see a hearing and balance specialist.
No. Carsickness is normal. Do you want to be healed of hearing because you don’t like loud noises? You love indian what? Culture? Treatments? Forget deepak chopra: indian mds practice exactly the same medicine as us mds, here or there. And expecting any random indian md to be a fount of knowledge about traditional indian “medicine” is like assuming every mexican doctor plays in a mariachi band.