Are there safe alternative therapies for dengue fever?

Nothing proven. Evidence-based medicine has no specific therapy for dengue beyond rehydration, pain management, and transfusions as required. Water and blood may be the most natural of all treatments. A complementary practitioner familiar with dealing generally with muscle pain and distress might be very helpful.

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What's the chance of getting dengue fever after the bite?

Dengue Presentation. Dengue presents clinically in less than 20% of cases. The challenge is if you do not show an active disease process and at some point in the future you are bit again, there is a high risk for developing dengue hemorrhagic fever which can be fatal. Lab test are available to determine your exposure to dengue. Read more...

Can you tell me, is there dengue fever in the united states in the summer?

Dengue Fever. Most cases in the continental states are related to world travel and immigration. According to the centers for disease control and prevention, U.S. Citizens are impacted in endemic areas including puerto rico, guam, samoa and us. Virgin islands. Read more...