Can you please tell me about healing stages of a second degree burn?

Burn Healing. A second degree burn is generally indicated by the presence of blisters and the area is painful. Unless the burn is very small you should get medical attention to evaluate the severity of the burn and to receive appropriate care so the burn wound will heal properly with minimal scarring. Some deep second degree burns may require surgical treatment.
Depends in deprh. Superficial (1st degree) burns with redness require minimal treatment with an ointment & possible nsaids (if not sensitive). Partial thickness burns (2nd & 3rd degree) with blisters must be treated with topical antibiotics (bacitracin for face - silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) for body) if not allergic in order to minimize the risk of infection which may increase the amount of tissue damage. Sulfamylon for ear eschars.