My doctor talked over my head. We are confused. What is amniotic infection?

Amniotic infection. An amniotic infection is an infection of the membranes which make up the bag of waters and surround the fetus. This kind of infection usually happens during labor. Another name for it is chorioamnionitis. An infection of the amniotic membranes can affect both the mother and the child.
Chorioamnionitis. Baby in the womb is floating in the fluid called amniotic fluid and fluid is surrounded by membranes called amnion and chorion. Amniotic infection means that there is infection in these membranes and fluid surrounding your baby. Like any infection it may cause symptoms for mother and potentially may cause infection for your baby. Usually mother needs to be treated and baby may need to be delivered.
Infection in fluid. It is an infection in the fluid that surrounds the baby before birth. Most commonly it can cause pneumonia at the time of birth that requires the baby to be treated with IV antibiotics.