What's your opinion on treating bacterial infections?

Depends: Severe (meningitis, pneumonia) - no option except antibiotics. Localized abscess - surgical is usually best. Mild ear infection or bronchitis - may wait and see if it resolves without antibiotics. Strep throat - rare complications if untreated.
Narrow is the way. It is important to know what bacteria is causing an infection. The microbiology staff (unsung heroes) cannot only identify the bacteria but can inform the doctor about which is the best antibiotic to use. Therefore, we are able to narrow our antibiotic coverage to target this bacteria.

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Expert opinion please: could taking doxycycle for a bacterial infection I have affect my absece tooth?

Possibly but. An abscessed (infected) tooth requires definitive treatment, either root canal treatment, if the tooth is savable, or extraction (removal), . Read more...
No help for tooth. Antibiotics cannot get inside the tooth, therefore they cannot get and stop that area of bacteria. Only an extraction or a root canal therapy can do that. However, the antibiotics help in reducing the spreading of the infection is the tissues around the tooth, face, neck, and the blood stream. Read more...