What's the outcome of breast infection?

Breast infection. Breast infection may result in an abscess/ further spread of infection/ scarring.
Difficult to say. Thats a difficult question to answer with limited information. If treated appropriately the results will be good.

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What are the possible outcomes of a breast infection?

Varied. It depends on the site and source3 of the infection. If treated properly the outcome should be good.

Is breast infection common?

It is fairly common. Breast infections while breastfeeding are relatively common and present with the following symptoms: pain, redness and hardness to the breast, as well as fever. These symptoms can occur quickly and will often require antibiotics. Seek the help of your doctor if you notice these symptoms.
Yes. Infections of the breasts can occur for many reasons but are most common with breastfeeding. Without breastfeeding, infections of the skin surrounding the breast and also the nipple can occur. Appropriate treatment is wise as any breast changes should be closely monitored.

How do you get breast infection?

Mastitis. Mastitis usually occurs in breast feeding when a milk duct 'gets clogged' and the are behind it gets sore, warm, red, swollen. The treatment is to stay hydrated and oral antibiotics directed at staph bacteria. Also any 'break' in the skin can cause skin/breast infection (e.g. Piercing, trauma...).

What's done for a breast infection?

ABX +/- Drainage. Mastitis is usually secondary to normal skin bacteria entering the milk ducts, leading to an infection; this is most common when breastfeeding. A short course of antibiotics will usually clear-up the infection; however, if a collection of pus is present (abscess), this requires drainage. Drainage is best done via repeated aspirations; if unsuccessful, surgical drainage (i and d) may be necessary.

What are symptoms of breast infection?

Breast infection. Signs and symptoms of breast infection include redness, tenderness, discharge, and swelling. Because these symptoms can also be seen in inflammatory breast cancer, it is important to check with your doctor. Treatment may include antibiotics, warm soaks, or surgical drainage.

How do I know if I have a breast infection?

Pain, redness, fever. Generally, a significant breast infection (mastitis) may cause sharp, shooting pains- especially when the baby is nursing. In addition, you may experience flu-like symptoms with body aches, fever, or red hot spots on the breast. A minor breast infection may show up with less irritation, redness, itching, or scaling. If in doubt, it is wise to contact your doctor.
Breast infection. You may have fever, pain, redness swollen as well as itchy breasts.