Can I use carmex as a moisturiser on allergic dermatitis?

Yes but. I presume you meant atopic dermatitis or eczema. The major issue is a porous skin surface causing rapid water loss from the skin and making it easier for potential allergens to enter through it. Thus applying a good moisturizer within 3 minutes after bathing is important because this will help trap more water in your skin layer. Moisturizers i prefer include cerave, ulactin, or vanicream.

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Can I use carmex as a moisturiser on my allergic dermatitis? I am already using an lpc cream but need a moisturiser too.

Management rx. Other suggestions include the use of a basic but effective moisturizer several times per day to the affected areas. On example is Eucerin cream or lotion. A topical steroid in then applied after the moisturizer is absorbed two to three times per day. If using the steroid on your face, please check with your physician. Read more...