How do you get rid of those deep acne scars? & tighten your face? & make your hair thinker & grow way fast? All without surgery or spending bug bucks?

Dermatologist. You may need a prescription strength acne medication to help with scarring. For your hair, you may need to see a dermatologist for evaluation on your hair, nutrition, age, activity, genetics etc.
Get a magic wand. It truly is difficult to defy mother nature. There are few if any magic tricks that are free. Your diet and exercise and leading a sensible life of moderation avoiding extremes and poisons (tobacco) within the context of your genetics will determine your growth. Acne scars are permanent marks in your skin that can be improved but not removed.

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I have acne on my chin & forehead and some acne scars on my cheeks. Cheap acne face wash to get rid of it fast?

Cetaphil plain. Cetaphil is an excellent balanced soap for facial cleansing purposes but will do little to treat the acne. In this instance, most patients prefer deep cleansers off applied with a mechanical device to accomplish a deep cleaning and exfoliate simultaneously. These devices often combine an salicylic acid medication.W. Read more...
Scars, not so fast. If you have true scars there are not many if any otc products that provide a lasting result. Face cleansers are best suited to control / minimize active acne vs correct scarring. Read more...