What are the symptoms of bone marrow diseases?

Bone marrow disease. The symptoms are related to the abnormality of the bone marrow function -i.e. Decrease production of the blood cell counts-or increase level of blood cells counts if something supresses bone marrow function-anemia, decrease WBC and platelet can happen. -symptoms will include fatigue, infection, fever, bleeding. If the cell count is too much-clots, fatigue, feeling sluggish can happen.

Related Questions

Can you please discuss bone marrow disease?

Unclear. The bone marrow is where the blood cells are produced. It can be affected by many conditions, malignant or not. "bone marrow disease" is to vague a term to make much of it.

Can bone marrow disease produce only minimal effects on the body?

It varies greatly. Bone marrow has lots of reserve, so it can be partly diseased, yet the body has no effect. But once the bone marrow is completely diseased or damaged, then the body will have all kinds of effects in the form of anemia (low hemoglobin), low WBC and low platelet counts and the complications of infections and bleeding as a result of low blood counts.

Is it possible for bone marrow disease to gace no effect on your body?

No. The very definition of a disease is that it is a condition which adversely affects health. So if you really have a disease in the marrow it's likely to make you feel sick sooner or later.

Possible bone marrow disease if they can't find a cause for your anemia?

Yes. Hello dpatrick8. I am not quite sure what you are asking, but if the cause of anemia is not obvious after a detailed history, physical examination, and blood testing, a bone marrow biopsy is frequently performed to determine the cause.

After a patient has had bone marrow disease, how can isolating them help to prevent rejection?

Confusing. Can you restate your quetion? Are you talking about a bone marrow transplant? Isolation is required to prevent infections in people after bone marrow transplants, as the immune system is profoundly suppressed for a number of weeks and beyond.