What is the difference between seminoma and nonseminoma cancer of the testicles?

Different tumors. Over 90% of testis tumors are germ cell tumors which are seminoma, non-seminoma or mixed depending on the type of malignant cell. Classic seminoma is the most common testis tumor in adults. Almost all testis tumors are initially treated by surgical removal (orchiectomy). Then, based on the type of tumor and stage (aggressive characteristics, spread to lymph nodes) determines next treatment.
There is no . Established role for XRT in non, but the rest of the diagnosis and management is now quite similar. Orchiectomy, serum markers, assesment of retroperitoneal nodes with decision to watch, trat (surgery or chemo) or monitor. Seminoma sticks to the nodal route non does not, the same chemo works in both, curative even with metastasis.