If a doctor is removing genital warts thats on your vagina or the opening. Will they do something like an episiotomy? Crazy ques. Just worried about vag

No. Warts are small for the most part. They can be frozen, lasered off, treated with chemicals (acids) that make them fall off, or they can be cut w/ scalpel. Most warts are 1-3mm in diameter, would definitely not require an episiotomy type incision. They can be removed with small amt of local anesthesia, or no anesthesia, because they are that small. Rare they are big--> again, local anesthesia.

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I have a skin color growth on the outer lip of my vagina. My doctor said it was folliculitis but I am worried it maybe genital warts.

Hmmm, hard to say. Folliculitis usually looks very different from a genital wart. If the growth is more 'cauliflower-like', wth irregular skin surface, or if it doesn't go away with application of compresses or even antibiotics, then another diagnosis should be considered. A biopsy may be needed to determine definitely. Read more...