Is saturated fat from coconut milk bad?

No! Per mary enig phd., in her book: "know your fats", published 2000, saturated animal fats (non-processed), coconut oil are healthy fats, better than the more widely marketed/promoted vegetable fats such as canola, corn & safflower oil. Sat fat myth was started by ancel keys; study: big fat lies, mcgovern's report, science for smart people, dietdoctor, taubes, attia, lustig, nusi.Org, eric westman.

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Why the big attention to coconut milk? I thought it had saturated fat.

It's popular now. Coconut milk (unless fat free) is high in saturated fats, which are not good for you. Coconut if very popular right now, but it will pass, like all other fads. Saturated fats increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol, along with many other possible concerns. Read more...