My doctor said I have a ovarian cyst right side that may have leaked it ruptured. I also have pain on the left is that normal?

Yes. Often a cyst on the right can cause pain or the left and vice versa. If fluid leaks the pain may be anywhere in the belly and is often generalized to the whole belly and not just one place.

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If I have a ovarian cyst on the right side is it normal to also have discomfort on the left? My cyst may have leaked or ruptured

Left pain . Your left sided pain could be from your colon(constipation), another cyst(ovarian), or astounding mentioned fluid that is irritating your abdomen lining (from a ruptured cyst)... The best thing is for you to see your gun to give a complete history and allow a complete physical and work up if this is bothering you. Read more...