Ihave had serious pain and burning under my left shoulder blade, around my side and in my breast for five days. Now red blisters. Ideas?

Shingles. As a 'telephone diagnosis' this could only be shingles. Anything else would require putting eyes on it.
Possibly shingles. Sounds like shingles. You should be checked very soon. Early treatment can shorten the course and make it less severe.

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I have had an achy and burning pain in my left shoulder blade, underarm, and breast area for four days. No relief w/ ice or heat. Any ideas?

Lt Blade UArm Breast. Any cardiac history? Do you take blood pressure meds? Any shortness of breath? Diabetic? Need to make sure no cardiac source is involved with your symptoms before stating that this is something musculoskeletal in nature (to your shoulder girdle). If musculosskeletal in nature and no allergies to either of these, then Toradol (5 days) OR Medrol (methylprednisolone) dose pack (7 days) could knock out your symptoms. Read more...