Can you have an MRI scan while pregnant?

See answer. Mri s are occasionally ordered during pregnancy for indications including: appendicitis, placenta accreta, fetal malformations, adnexal lesions, and various CNS concerns. Based on the american college of radiology guidelines present data have not conclusively documented any deleterious effects of mr imaging at 1.5 t on the developing fetus. Your dr. Should consult with the radiologist in advance.
Yes. Mri is safe while pregnant. We usually try to limit exposure to any radiologic energy unless we fill it is totally necessary. But it is ok.
No proof its bad... They haven't proven any problems from getting an MRI while pregnant, but they also haven't proven there isn't a chance of having a problem. If you need it and there aren't better (non-invasive) alternatives (and you talk it over with your doctor), if you were a family member - i'd tell recommend going ahead with it.