Hdl cholesterol: 28l cholesterol/hdl ratio: 5.8h LDL chol, calculate:99 triglycerides: 173 h can someone interpret this for me?

Low HDL/High Triglyc. You have slightly high triglycerides if it is a true fasting specimen;if not you need to repeat it with a fasting specimen secondly you have low hdl, these blood results have to be interpreted along with history of other risk factors like smoking, obesity, family history of early cardiovascular diseas, hypertension;diabetese you need to be on low sugar diet and need to exercise, and oily fish;omega 3.
Cholesterol Troubles. You have a lifestyle and a genetic problem with cholesterol. Your HDL is way too low and is not providing you much protection against arterial plaques that will develop as you age. And you have a sugar problem in that the triglycerides (made from excess sugar calories for fat storage) are thickening up the blood which can increase the risk to the arteries. Less sugar and more exercise can help.