What are the concerns with having degenerative nerve diseases?

Loss of sensation. I'm assuming you are referring to peripheral nerve degeneration, which typically affects the longest nerves (toes and feet followed by fingers and hands). Loss of sensation predisposes to skin trauma and ulcers as well as joint changes. Loss of strength typically occurs later in the course.

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How can you make sure you don't get degenerative nerve diseases?

Nerve diseases. Which disease you have on mind? Just don't get old! i guess the disease that comes to my mind is B12 deficiency which may be treated. It causes anemia, peripheral neuropathy and dementia. Check your levels during your yearly physical exam or if you have symptoms suggestive of the above. Other neurological conditions cannot be prevented. Read more...

What is the definition or description of: Degenerative nerve diseases?

Several types. One type of degenerative nerve disease is when the sheath around the actual nerve fibers deteriorated, thus dramatically slowing the impulses traveling down the axon of the nerve. Other types include the development of inclusions within the nerve body itself damaging its ability to function. Also there are diseases wherein the glial support cells in the brain fall apart destroying the support. Read more...