If I develop bph, how will it be treated?

Medications first. There are two classes of medications to use. One improves the flow of urine by relaxing the muscles of the neck of the bladder around the prostate such as folmax and others. The other class works to reduce the size of the prostate by blocking the effect of male hormones on it. Proscar (finasteride) or Finasteride is a prototype.
Here are some ... BPH alone wouldn't be treated until experiencing "significant voiding symptoms", but unfortunately, most men accept the notion: slow urine flow naturally comes with age and don't fix it if not broke. So, be proactively seek pro-evaluation / counseling for taking longer and standing closer to toilet to pee; don't wait until the last minutes when being unable to pee at all.
Depends. Usually BPH is treated with medications first. These are alpha-blockers like flomax, or 5-aris like avodart (dutasteride). If unsuccessful, then a procedure might be indicated (greenlight, turp, holep). If very large, then suprapubic prostatectomy might be indicated. See a urologist.
Meds/OtherOptions. BPH treatment depends on symptoms and size of theProstate.But can be treated with meds or other modalities including surgery MEDS Alpha Blockers for symptom relief 5-Alpha reductase inhibeters reduce the size Combination of both listed above PDE-5 Inhibiters for symptom relief Surgery and others Transuretheral resection green light laser Microwave therapy Nedle Ablation Other Surgris.