Can lasik make cataract surgery hard later in life? What info should I keep around in case I do need future cataract surgery?

Yes and no. Performing the actual surgery is no more difficult, however, the calculations required to determine the lens power of the implant are less accurate.
Sometimes. The changes in corneal shape which are produced by lasik surgery can affect the accuracy of the calculations used to determine the power of the intraocular lens implant for cataract surgery. Keep a copy of your pre-operative records from before your lasik, as some of the information, especially pre-operative keratometry and refraction can be helpful to the cataract surgeon.
No. Having refractive surgery does not change the difficulty of cataract surgery later. When cataract surgery is done, a lens implant is placed in the eye as part of the operation. This lens has a prescription power just like glasses or contact lenses do. Previous refractive surgery makes it much more difficult to predict the appropriate power of this implant.