Are there alternative therapies for dementia with Lewy bodies?

Not easily managable. It has to be treated pharmacologically. Without it, this individual may be danger to self. The treatment has to be individualize to prevent further symptoms and progression of disease. There are no good data that alternative therapies like vitamins and herbal that have shown to be effective. The only thing i could think of would be enviromental modification and maintain socialization + stimulation.
Little evidence. Some suggest namenda (memantine). Antispsychotics can make it worse, due to the parkinsonism that accompanies the progressive memory decline.
Nothing that works. This disease is cruel enough without giving money for worthless treatments to beautiful "natural healing" or dark "conspiracy buff" charlatans. Complementary medicine may offer comfort measures but none of the nostrums offered by charlatans will touch the disease.
Brief clinical Facts. Neurodegenerative d/o featuring milder physical parkinsonism than parkinson's disease typically. (slowed movements, stiff/rigid muscles & posture, possibly resting tremor). But with early dementia, often with associated psychosis (visual hallucinations, delusional thoughts), excessive sleepiness, depression/anxiety/apathy, & rbd. Rbd = rem behavior d/o, causing acting-out of dreams in rem sleep.
Unfortunately, No. Dopamine meds for physical parkinsonism: Azilect (mao-b selective inhibitor) & sinemet +/- Comtan (stalevo (carbidopa and levodopa and entacapone) is both together). Tailor rx watching for side effects. Avoid Dopamine agonists (requip xl/mirapex er/neupro)--too side effect prone for lewy body patients. For dementia: namenda, paired with Exelon patch or aricept. For psychosis: seroquel or even clozaril. For excess sleepiness: nuvigil.