Could removing an AC iol improve chronic cystoid macular edema?

Yes. Removing an ill fitting aciol will improve edema. A well placed iol should cause no problems.
Depends. Cystoid macular edema (cme) occurs because of chronic inflammation. If the aciol is not properly seated, it could be the source of the cme, in which case removal may help. However, if the cme has been there for a long time, improvement may be limited.
Yes. If there is reasonable concern that your aciol is propelloring, that there is low grade inflammation, that there is an ocassional hemorrhage, that the iop is elevated, that there is chronic cme, &/or that the cornea is decompensating, then your eye md may consider that the best approach is to replace the aciol with a sewn in pciol, or an iris fixated iol. This is a very careful decision tree.