Which treatments for barretts esophagus are most cost-effective?

Antacids, but... The most recent reviews i've seen indicate that there's no clearly effective treatment for barrett's itself, though the most cost-effective ways to manage the reflux that often causes it are antacids / anti-acid medicines and propping up the head of your bed on cinder blocks. Barrett's is common and your physician knows whether & how to follow you for pre-cancer, for which you get added treatment.
Antacids. Barrett's esophagus is the result of gastric acid and enzymes damaging the lining of the esophagus. Overtime, it can cause cancer. Treatment with antacid may provide relief, but you should consult a GI doctor for long term care and follow-up.

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What's the best treatment for barretts esophagus?

Barrett's. Treatment largely focuses on changes to diet and continued monitoring. Read more...
Treat GERD first . Barrettt's esophagus is a serious disease 10% to 20% of chronic gastrointestinal disease (gerd) patients will develop, is a pre malignant condition with 0.5% chance of developing cancer each year , initially treated with diet , protan pump inhibitors like Prilosec , monitored with biopsies if ulcer fail to heal ant reflux surgery is needed to prevent cancer. Read more...