What is my BMI if I am 5ft 0in.'s and I weigh 140lbs on the dr's scale. I had a baby 3 months ago as well?

BMI = 27.3. The bmi is calculated using the body mass divided by the height. The suggested ideal bmi for a female over 20 is 21.5 while a 27.3 would be considered in the overweight category.This would be expected so soon after delivering a baby.
27.3. Your bmi currently is 27.3. That falls in the "overweight" range. To go down below overweight, based on your height, the 128lbs should be your goal. Hope that helps. Congrats in the new baby!
Bmi. Bmi is 27 months after baby you may not have gotten to basal weight remember if good weight exercise is helpful ideal bmi 25.
Your BMI. Is 27.3, which puts you in the overweight category == although this is obviously affected by your recent pregnancy.
27. Congratulations on your new baby! You don't have much weight to lose! If your OB gives the Ok, start taking some good daily walks with the baby, drink lots of water, and if you are breastfeeding, keep going! Nursing will really help you get back to your goal weight. Roughly to get you back into the normal 20 to 25 BMI range 129 is about right.