My father had bleeding in brain, still in the hospital. What is a stroke, a bleeding or clot in the brain?

Both. Both bleeding and clot in artery are strokes. Bleeding strokes are less common seen in 15% cases. Treatment is different for both stroke types.
Actually, both. Stroke implies a rather sudden decrease in blood flow to a portion of the brain, and the definition includes a local clot or thrombosis, but also, a distal clot or embolism. However, the term may include intracranial bleeding due to a complication of a clot, but also, a ruptured blood vessel. We really are implying death of brain tissue secondary to blood vessel dysfnctn of any type.

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What do you recommend for after leaving the hospital, recovered from bleeding in brain?

See Your Doctor. It all depends on what kind of bleeding in the brain you had and what the cause of it was. In general you want to make sure you have close follow up for whatever the etiology . You probably were told to stop taking any blood thinners for some time. I would avoid drugs with asprin in them. Avoid any contact sports or situations that might cause head injury. Most important is follow up. Read more...

Stroke, heavy bleeding in brain. Should we authorize full life support?

Difficult situation. This is a complex question and depends upon the wishes of the patient (often only known by immediate family members by prior conversation), or if the patient has a living will or advance directive that clearly states their wishes. Without this information, the answer depends on (among many things) the severity of the stroke, the age of the patient and the estimated chances of a meaningful recovery. Read more...